Ramblings of a Stay-at-Home Mom

I’m kind of stuck at home without my kids today. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be spending the Mother’s Day with them. But, I’m just glad that they are having a blast with my in-laws in Indiana.

This was my second time to be away from them this long, the first time was when we were in the Philippines. We left them with our family while hubby and I went to Boracay Island on a mission trip. Now this time, we left them in Indiana so they can spend more time with their cousin and attend one of their cousin’s birthday (which is actually today — shout out D! Happy Birthday!!!)

I miss my munchkins! On the other note, I got a lot of things done around the house without their presence. Like cleaning the vents, finish some laundry (it never gets done) and killing the spiders in the basement. Good for me, I had some motivation yesterday to actually do a general cleaning because we had two overnight visitors last night. I was able to accomplish a lot in one day and I can’t believe I did it…I guess I’m now a supermom!

Well, not really…I don’t give myself any credit because I was able to do it in the absence of our two kiddos. Wait, ’til they get home…I’ll forget what the house right now looks like. Or maybe, I should post a picture sometime here so I can remember and when they look so clean and nice.

You notice my post title, “ramblings”. I’m rambling here because the truth is, I don’t care whether I can’t see the floor anymore because of their toys scattered everywhere, I don’t care if I can’t finish my laundry and piles of clothes needs to be folded, I don’t care if I constantly hear them talking while I try to concentrate with my computer work, I don’t care if I have to go their room so many times to tell them to “go to sleep”, I don’t care if I have to wake early and fix their breakfast…

…this mother just really miss her munchkins.

Anyway, I do care to thank my in-laws for watching over our kids and making their stay in Indiana a blast with their cousins. I do care to thank my husband for the sweet gestures he’s throwing me here and there which include the flowers I’m sharing here below.

The flowers below are for you to use anywhere 🙂 just don’t take out the credit though 😉

Use it as your wallpaper, twitter background or pin it to your board. Up to you…I’ll give away the Lightroom Presets I made and use for these flower photos too.


And lastly, My message to  Mama (i call my mom, Mama). 


Chie Carroll

If you want to download the images above, just click the download button here. Or you’re free to pin them to your board. The images zipped file includes the last image version “Mom” (instead of Mama).

Download images with greetings:

I’ll share  7 Mother’s Day Adobe Lightroom Presets tomorrow. I run out of time. I have to get ready for my date with hubby tonight. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

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